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Leuphana University´s Digital School

Leuphana University bundles all its online learning activities in one institution: Leuphana Digital School

With its unique didactical concept - consisting of scholars, mentors and tutors working hand in hand with a peer-based learning approach supported by a sophisticated online platform - Leuphana Digital School offers independent Mentored Open Online Courses. Participating in each of the courses is free of charge and participants have the opportunity to obtain a University Certificate after successful completion of a particular course. All of our courses are designed for a diverse and global audience.

Apart from offering independent courses, Leuphana Digital School also includes blended learning in its approach. Combining Leuphana University's face-to-face teachings with Leuphana Digital School's didactical concept fosters the students' learning experience.

For all of its online offerings, Leuphana Digital School uses solutions provided by candena GmbH. This homegrown company specializes in the conceptual design of educational platforms and services for a social learning environment. Enhancing education through online collaboration as well as the ability to embed various resources, candena provides a platform that meets the requirements for all of Leuphana Digital School's courses.

What it is: Leuphana Digital School's Mentored Open Online Courses

"Managing the Arts: Cultural Organizations in Transition" was a 13-week program for students and practitioners alike. »Learn more here

"Ready for Study" targeted the acquisition of study skills and was specially designed for refugees. »Learn more here

Future-U was a one-day workshop for experts in the field of digital teaching and learning. »Learn more here