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The Mentored Open Online Course “Managing the Arts: Marketing for Cultural Organizations” was a 14-week program for students and practitioners alike. The open online course was organized under the auspices of Chris Dercon, Director of Tate Gallery of Modern Art, London. 

“Managing the Arts” emphasized peer-to-peer and mentored project-based learning by using a case-study method. The course was designed by Leuphana Digital School in co-operation with the Goethe-Institut e.V. In six assignment cycles, the participants learned how to apply theory and marketing strategies to four existing pre-selected art institutions and their real-life challenges.

The course benefited from a diverse global audience. Practitioners in the field of arts management and cultural marketing as well as students interested in these fields are more than welcome to join the course. All participants were strongly encouraged to share their experiences in relation to issues in the discourse of arts management and to create a community of knowledge around the theme of the course.

“Managing the Arts” ran for 14 weeks from February 19 to May 28. Participants around the globe were invited to join this learning experience without formal prerequisites at no charge.


Participants who successfully completed the course were eligible to receive the Certificate of Completion. Issued by Leuphana Universtiy, the certificate is worth 5 Credit Points (ECTS), which course participants may transfer towards their own degree program.

Supporters of the course who showed a high level of engagement in the course by earning six "Active Evaluator Badges" and three "Popular Evaluator Badges" were eligible to receive a Statement of Accomplishment. The Statement of Accomplishment does not award any credit points.

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