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Chris Dercon
Tate Gallery of Modern Arts
Impact and Audiences

Director of the Tate Gallery of Modern Art in London, UK. Art historian and producer. "Managing the Arts" MOOC Moderator.

Nishant Shah
Leuphana University
Co-creation and Digital Cultures

Professor at ICAM. Founder and director of research for the Centre of Internet and Society, Bangalore. Academic Director of the "Managing the Arts" MOOC.

Gabriëlle Schleijpen
Dutch Art Institute
The Functions of Culture

Director of the Dutch Art Institute. Head and curator in chief at the Stadium Generale Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam.

Prof. Gesa Birnkraut
University of Applied Science Osnabrück
Branding and Evaluation

Research and teaching on management of volunteer work and evaluations at NGOs. Couching and consultanting in the field of cultural management.

Prof. Arjo Klamer
Erasmus University
Values and Logics of Art

Holds the world's only chair in the field of cultural economics. Focus on the cultural dimension of economic life and value of art.

Sacha Kagan (Ph.D.)
Leuphana University
Sustainability in the Arts

Focuses on the transdisciplinary field of arts and (un)sustainability. Founding coordinator at Cultural 21 International, Cultural Fieldworks for Sustainability.

Prof. Oliver Scheytt
Institute for Culture and Media Management
Project Marketing and Content Management

Professor for cultural governance and cultural infrastructure. Former council member for cultural education at Goethe-Institut.

Prof. Volker Kirchberg
Leuphana University
Arts Production and Consumption

Professor for cultural distribution and cultural organization. Research on cultural sociology and sociology of the arts.

Annett Baumast (Ph.D.)
baumast. kultur & nachhaltigkeit
Sustainable Arts Management

Founder and CEO. Expert, lecturer, author, and consultant in various contexts in the field of sustainability in the cultural sector.

Péter Inkei
Budapest Observatory
The Functions of Culture

Director of the Budapest Observatory and former deputy to the Minister for Culture of Hungary. Expert on cultural policies and trends in Europe.

Prof. Birgit Mandel
University of Hildesheim
Arts Marketing

Professor and manager in cultural management and communication. Research topics: audience development, cultural PR and marketing, theory, and practice of arts.

Prof. Hans Abbing
University of Amsterdam
Marketeers and Audiences

Artist, economist and sociologist. Professor of art sociology at the University of Amsterdam. Expert on the relationship between art and economics.

Prof. Armin Klein
Institute of Cultural Management
Audiences & Customer Marketing

Professor for cultural studies and cultural management. Founder of Ulm Danube School of Arts Management.

Patrick S. Föhl (Ph.D.)
Network for Cultural Consulting
Cultural Management

Founder and director of the Network for Cultural Consulting. Conducts various cultural planning projects in Germany and other European countries.

Leonie Hodkevitch
University of Vienna
Identity and Interaction

Author, cultural producer and docent of cultural management and intercultural communication. Founder of the platform 4p116 clearly culture.

Ingrid Leonie Severin (Ph.D.)
Leuphana University
Art History

Curator and art & culture historian. Knowledge manager at Fraunhofer Institute for Media Communication, Head of Museum für Neue Kunst, ZKM Karlsruhe, e.g.

Prof. Carsten Baumgarth
University of Siegen
Digital Branding in the Cultural Sector

Professor of marketing and brand management. Main research fields: brand management, b2b marketing, arts & culture management.