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The Mentored Open Online Course “Managing the Arts: Cultural Organizations in Transition” was a 13-week program for students and practitioners alike which started on April 14, 2016. The course was designed by Leuphana Digital School in co-operation with the Goethe-Institut e.V.

For the second time Chris Dercon, Director of Tate Gallery of Modern Art in London, guided practicing and aspiring managers through the course. In six assignment cycles, the participants learned how arts organizations and cultural institutions operate successfully in times of rapid technological, economic and cultural changes; how they can navigate through times of crisis; what the most important transformations in the cultural sector are and how cultural organizations benefit from them. 

Renewed "Managing the Arts: Cultural Organizations in Transition" had a lot of novelties, most of which feed from suggestions from participants from the last course:

(1) Keynotes: Focusing on the new topic of “transition” we produced new video-keynotes for this MOOC in which we especially focused on global perspectives on Arts Management with keynote speakers from around the world.

(2) Live interaction: In this course, we also implemented Live-Webinars in which the participants exchanged their ideas as well as learned with the faculty and with each other in real time.

(3) New learning tools: In this course, we implemented cutting edge group learning tools. This made collaboration in teams easier and more effective.

(4) More places for participants engaging in teamwork: Up to 1.000 learners had the opportunity to work in teams and receive a certificate if they completed the course.

The course benefited from a diverse global audience. Practitioners in the field of arts management and cultural marketing as well as students interested in these fields were more than welcome to join the course. All participants were strongly encouraged to share their experiences in relation to issues in the discourse of arts management and to create a community of knowledge around the theme of the course. Participants around the globe were invited to join this learning experience without formal prerequisites at no charge.


There were two types of certificates participants could receive during this course:

(1) Certificate of Completion: After having successfully completed the course by submitting all required assignments as part of a team, actively participating teams obtained a certificate (5 ECTS) issued by Leuphana University for a nominal fee of EUR 20,-.

(2) Statement of Accomplishment: As an active and engaged learner, you obtained the Statement of Accomplishment for free.

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