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Phase 1: Responding to Transitions: Placing arts and cultural organizations in context
Chris Dercon | Adalet R. Garmiany | Arjo Klamer

In this module, learners take stock of social, political, economic, and cultural transitions on a global scale and their direct impact on the local existence and practices of arts and cultural institutions.

Phase 2: Repositioning Cultural Industries: Markets, marketing and the changing notions of art and culture practices
Hilary S. Carty | Péter Inkei | Sacha Kagan | Volker Kirchberg | Gabriëlle Schleijpen

In this module, learners explore how ACOs can effectively reposition themselves, both to the demands of new creative industries but also to address the conditions of transition in the social and cultural orders.

Phase 3: Discovering Hidden Potential: Marketing cultural projects and managing artistic processes
Annett Baumast | Patrick S. Föhl | Stephanie Hankey | Yemisi Mokuolu | Oliver Scheytt

In this module, learners will examine different practices of creativity using a morphological box that allows them to understand various opportunities and challenges of arts and cultural management to experiment with solution-driven processes for creative collaboration.

Phase 4: Co-opting Multiple Stakeholders: Leveraging social capital for organizational growth
Natasha Ginwala | Ong Keng Seng | Percy Yip Tong 

Knowing both actual and desired audiences is the basis for segmentation and development strategies. Digital avenues for audience interaction facilitate low-cost relationship-building and multi-tiered communication with local and global publics.

Phase 5: Exploring Emerging Identities: Co-creating and shaping digital brands
Gesa Birnkraut | Nishant Shah

In this module, learners get acquainted with practices of co-creation and sharing, and how they can be utilized for brand-building and formatting of a corporate identity emergent from the organization’s culture and values.

Phase 6: Building Solutions for the Future: Crafting sustainable artistic practices and programs
Sacha Kagan | Birgit Mandel | Carsten Siebert

In this module, learners will solve a concrete problem from a real-world case study that has been assigned to teams and develop an integrated strategic marketing plan that takes into account the learnings of all previous modules and can be implemented suitably.