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Phase 1: The Cultural Economy: Markets and marketing for cultural organizations
Chris Dercon | Arjo Klamer

Debate definitions of basic concepts and gain an understanding of contemporary discourses in cultural marketing. Survey contemporary challenges for arts organizations and cultural managers.

Phase 2: Mapping the Terrain: Art organizations and cultural institutions in context
Péter Inkei | Sacha Kagan | Volker Kirchberg | Gabriëlle Schleijpen

Analyse a cultural organization and how it relates to its socio-political environment to better understand factors that sustain, develop and limit the radius of its activities. Consider the corresponding policy framework to position arts organizations within ever-changing environments.

Phase 3: Enabling Creativity: Marketing cultural projects and managing artistic processes
Annett Baumast | Patrick S. Föhl | Oliver Scheytt

Learn how to enable artistic processes and stay atop processes that help cultural projects succeed. Evaluate strategies for creating relevance and responding to change with a view to different dimensions of sustainability.

Phase 4: Reaching Across the Fourth Wall: Building audience relationships
Hans Abbing | Leonie Hodkevitch | Armin Klein | Ingrid Leonie Severin 

Knowing both actual and desired audiences is the basis for segmentation and development strategies. Digital avenues for audience interaction facilitate low-cost relationship-building and multi-tiered communication with local and global publics.

Phase 5: Emerging Identities: Co-creating and shaping digital brands
Carsten Baumgarth | Gesa Birnkraut | Nishant Shah

Managing an organization's identity within a network culture must take distributed branding into account and allow for co-creation of content by audiences and stakeholders as well as by internal staff. Reflect remixed usage of proprietary content, digital replication, peer-to-peer sharing, and limits for controlling independent brand initiatives while managing repercussions.

Phase 6: Curating Stategies: Artistic practices and sustainability
Sacha Kagan | Birgit Mandel

Building on the previous milestones, develop an integrated strategic marketing initiative for a cultural organization that considers innovation, creativity, feasibility and sustainable engineering of institutions through a design thinking approach.