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Winning Team

The first prize for Managing the Arts goes to Team DYNAMIC IMPACT for their recommendation for CCA (Lagos). The team formulated a convincing mix by setting out the challenges of staying local while also aiming for international recognition and giving highly actionable, specific advice such as the idea of crowd funding a much needed but financially currently unattainable staff position for a professional fundraiser. DYNAMIC IMPACT showed the wisdom on concentrating on a major point and following through with enough process advice to make proposed changes seem attainable.

Team Members:
Amélie Claude
Constanze Brockmann
Thomas Gottschalk
Johanna Nieto Rojas

View DYNAMIC IMPACT's final submission here:

Second Place

While perhaps not as rigorously focused, #KunST@R’s recommendations for BACC (Bangkok) raised a number of truly interesting points and takes the second prize. We appreciated the engagement with topics such as the role of curators between free artistic expression and countervailing forces in society or the extent to which relationships with commercial actors may be necessary even for a non-profit organization. There are no easy answers, but we have no doubt that valuable discussions would follow #KunST@R’s presentation of their results.

Team Members:
Charles Shiver
Federico Saretzki
Holger Riemenschneider
Miloš Duric
Azza Elhassan

View #KunST@R's final submission here:

Third Place

Team Guerrilla Girls highlighted another component of giving advice successfully in their work on CCA (Lagos). The impact of a recommendation is determined not exclusively by its content. Its power to convince and to be implemented by its intended audience also depends on the way in which it is presented. Guerrilla Girls was by far the most stylish presentation we have seen. This is not superficial: their work clearly and consciously tried to pick up graphic elements that reflect the look and feel of the organization it is trying to help. In any real-world consultation, this would be highly important psychologically, a consideration that moved us to award them with our third prize.

Team Members:
Ariadna Arce Ybarra-Rojas
Danielle Power
Julia Pá
Trinidad Gonzalez Opelt

View Guerrilla Girls' final submission here:


Nedra Jouini
Hui Kar Yan Karen
Julija Scura
Anya Stephen

Nikos Geropanagiotis
Olga Ivakina
Agata Brisci
Katerina Dermata

Groupe des 5:
Andressa Chinzarian Miguel
Hickley Hamman
Antonie Wiedemann
Snezana Vujicic

Sacrificial Pommegranate:
Liviu Sebastian Ungureanu
Dominik Neugebauer
Jouda Ben Haouia

Team 145:
Anna Kontorov
Claudia Woerndle
Jennifer Jones