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Participants worked together in teams of five on candena Scholar, an online learning platform by candena GmbH. Throughout the course, teams completed six consecutive assignments. Each assignment focues on a different aspect of the psychology of negotiations in the context of Commons. While the teams were working on the respective assignment, they were able to publish their intermediate results and progress to receive feedback from their peers to further improve their work. Participants communicated with each other on the online platform via messages or in the forum to discuss individual topics. This process promotes the benefit of the exchange within our community.

Participants of "Psychology of Negotiations" were introduced to the unique concept of resource-oriented negotiations and gained hands-on experience in preparing and conducting negotiations. Readings were introduced and complemented by short video clips that aimed at assisting all participants during the course's assignments.


The course is designed around six assignments. During these assignments, you will work on self-selected projects and cases, dealing with negotiations on Commons. In sequence, the curriculum is structured as follows:

Phase 1 | Introduction to Negotiations on Commons  How Negotiations on Commons Address Psychological Needs.

Phase 2 | Communication in Negotiations  How Intra- and Inter-Psychological Processes Influence Negotiations.

Phase 3 | Analyzing Resources  How Resource Characteristics Influence Psychological Processes.

Phase 4 | Augmenting the Bargaining Zone – How Resources Can Be Augmented, Considering the Interests, Needs and Motives of Stakeholders.

Phase 5 | Allocating Resources  How Negotiation Tactics Help to Find Fair and Sustainable Agreements.

Phase 6 | Putting the Pieces Together  Develop a Vision of a Sustainable Agreement.

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