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Course Schedule

Intro Phase: Introduction & Foundations
Learning community | Cases | Study goals

Become acquainted with the learning community, familiarise yourself with the overall course concept and case studies, and get to know Leuphana Digital School's online learning platform.

Phase 1: Studying in Germany - Overview of the German higher education system
Educational institutions | Alternative study paths | Academic degrees | ECTS

Understand the system of higher and professional education in Germany and get to know the country as a whole. Learn about academic degrees and the credit point system. Analyse the differences between educational institutions and practice to make a choice for a study program according to study goals.

Phase 2: Student life - Visit a university campus
Campus facilities | Student counselling | Semester ticket | Student dorm

Engage in a virtual tour of a university campus and explore its major facilities, such as the library, the canteen or student councils to get practical insights into organising your student life. Enable your intercultural competencies and get a feel for your life at the campus.

Phase 3: Academic study - Mastering the courses
Learning formats | Academic presentation | Semester plan | Time management

Get introduced to the university learning formats and empower the skills of academic work. Enhance the skills of academic listening, writing and presentation.

Phase 4: Application - I apply for a study program in Germany!
Admission requirements | Application procedure | Language certificate

Comprehend the application process to the higher education institution. Check the admission requirements and practice an academic application.

Phase 5: Living in Germany - Organising the formalities
Student accommodation | Finances | Insurance | Part-time job

Navigate in the legal and financial aspects of student life. Learn to arrange your accommodation and insurance. Understand the possibilities of financing your studies and get prepared to estimate and plan your expenses.

Reflection: Evaluation & Next steps
Transition of knowledge | Language test | Individual portfolio

Reflect on the experiences of the course and transfer the skills and knowledge acquired to your own choice of study. Determine the gaps in your personal portfolio and prepare for your own way to studying in Germany.