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ThinkTank´s Winning Team

"ThinkTank - Ideal City of the 21st Century" has proven that people from all over the world are capable of fuelling the ongoing discussion on the potential of cities. The five teams selected as finalists illustrate both the exceptional accomplishments that our participants reached throughout the course and the difficulty of choosing just one winning team.

Team #523 stood out in their comprehensive version for a place that feels real. Through a suggestive narrative, New Port City becomes a specific place rather than a mere concept. The judicious use of media - maps, line drawings, renderings, schematic sketches - moves from the big picture to well-chosen details in a coherent and convincing manner. Last but not least, it is impeccably sourced, with a bibliography that cites more than web resources.

Congratulations to Team #523 Cookbook!

This is an excerpt from this team's final submission
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