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FutureU was a highly collaborative workshop. All panels and discussions were documented by the FutureU participants on Hackpad, and online communication took place via the #FutureU hashtag on Twitter. Here are a collection of tweets, links to the hackpads, and other materials from FutureU.

The workshop began on June 22, 2015 with a keynote by Liz Losh titled "The War on Learning."


After the keynote, everyone then split up into two groups for the Crisis Mapping Exercise: Futures of the University or Universities of the Future?

The first group was "Futures of the University," moderated by Elizabeth Losh.


The second group, "Universities of the Future" was moderated by Jonathan Worth.


There were two sessions of panels in the afternoon. The first session began with four panels, each of which collaboratively kept notes on their discussions in Hackpad:

Digital Content Production & Technology
Legal Issues
Designing Intentional Learning
Governance & Decision-Making/Leadership

FutureU FutureU FutureU

FutureU FutureU

The day was wrapped up with a plenary and discussion of results. 

FutureU FutureU FutureU

Leuphana Digital School will continue to collect and publish on the topics discussed at FutureU.

In the meantime, here are some early reflections from the attendees: